Saving You Money on Your Taxes

Saving You Money on Your Taxes

Corporate and Personal Tax Returns

Torchlight Tax legally saves our clients tax dollars without cheating or putting you at risk. Our entire team of EAs, CPAs, Tax Attorneys, Bookkeepers and support staff are aligned with this purpose. Each member of our team, in doing a tax return, asks himself “Are there any tax savings we have missed?”. When the tax return is done, the return is side-checked by an EA or CPA. Of course, we side-check for any errors in the tax return, but even more than that the side-checker asks, “Are there any potential tax savings we have missed”?

We go through this very thorough process every time we do a tax return. Your tax return is done right and double checked. Some may think this takes extra time, but they would be mistaken. Making mistakes on tax returns or leaving clients with unanswered question or concerns is what takes extra time.

Making taxes as painless as possible

Also, our job is also, in addition to legally saving you money, is to make the tax process as pleasant and painless as possible. Advising on tax savings strategies is part of this. Advising you of how to handle a tax debt and handling your questions is part of this.

Unlike the big franchise tax mills, we are here to answer your questions year round. We look forward to hearing from you.

We can handle tax returns from any state.

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