So You Missed the Deadline?

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So You Missed the Deadline?

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If you filed for an extension, but didn’t file either your personal tax returns on September 15 or your business tax returns on October 17, then you’re looking at a 5% penalty on anything you owed to the IRS.

That penalty then goes up by 5% every month, so it can add up quickly. So it’s really important to get those tax returns filed quickly and pay what you owe quickly. If you need any help with that we’d be glad to help you.

At Torchlight Tax our goal is to lower your tax bill without shortcuts that put you at risk. Just expert knowledge and hard work to get you every tax break the law allows! Using our knowledge and experience our aim is to make your tax-filing experience fast, professional, and complete.

So if you missed the one or both of the deadlines, contact us right away so we can get your returns filed and minimize your penalties.

You can reach us at Torchlight Tax at 1-877-758-7797 or you can email us at Or fill out the form below.

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