The Employee Retention Credit

Business Owners: Receive Up to
$26,000 per Employee!

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The Employee Retention Credit

Receive Up to $26,000 per Employee!

Find Out If You Qualify! 

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Take advantage of the new COVID-19 Employee Retention Credit (ERC) while it’s still available. If your business continued to pay employees on payroll despite  the pandemic,  governmental orders, and supply chain problems,  you have an excellent chance of substantial relief.  Many businesses did not qualify at the beginning of the program, but may qualify under revisions of the Cares Act.  You can still apply.

You can get up to $26,000 per employee in cash refunds for 2020 & 2021

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a payroll tax refund born out of the same COVID relief bill as the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) which incentivized businesses who kept employees on payroll during the pandemic. That’s great news.

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC) is a tax credit designed to reward business owners for keeping employees throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The ERC is available to both small and mid-sized businesses. It was signed into law in March 2020, as part of the CARES Act. The bill was then significantly expanded in 2021. Your business can claim ERC even if you received PPP funds.

Business owners who were impacted by COVID-19 can claim up to $5,000 in refundable tax credits for each employee on their payroll in 2020 and up to $7,000 credit per quarter (for the first three quarters of 2021) for each employee. That is a total of $26,000 per employee.

Find Out If You Qualify

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ERC criteria changed significantly in 2021, making more companies eligible for this pandemic financial aid. Some businesses and nonprofits are qualifying for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in ERC funds.  You do need to have employees (paid on a payroll) to qualify. Get a Free Consultation to see if you qualify. Fill out the form at right.

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